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Ctrip Xinyang call center officially settled in Pingqiao recently, Ctrip Xinyang call center officially settled in the public training base of Pingqiao vocational education group. This is a school enterprise cooperation project between Xinyang aviation service school and Ctrip, and it is also an investment attraction project that everyone in Pingqiao District pig iron city actively supports

Ctrip Travel is a comprehensive travel service company equipped with three groups of fixed fixtures in China. It provides more than 50million members with a full range of travel services, including hotel reservations, air ticket reservations, tourism vacations, business travel management, special merchants and tourism information. It is known as a model of the seamless combination of Internet and traditional tourism. Except for its headquarters in Shanghai, Ctrip established a call center in Nantong, Jiangsu Province in May, 2010

Ctrip has put the third base in Pingqiao through multiple investigations. The first phase plans to invest 12.5 million yuan to build a 900 seat call platform, which can accommodate 2700 people for employment, with an annual output value of 65million yuan. Ctrip Travel settled in the training base can give play to the regional and human resources advantages of our district on this basis, build a modern service outsourcing and call center training industrial park with exemplary significance in the field of automobile and rail transit, promote the development of the tertiary industry in our district, and speed up the adjustment of industrial structure. This is of great significance to Pingqiao District and even Xinyang City

at present, the call center is being renovated and equipment is being purchased. The recruitment work for graduates of colleges and technical secondary schools in our city is also being carried out synchronously, and more than 500 college students have passed the interview. Xinyang

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