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Qibin glass stepped up the construction of the raw material of No.2 3D printing running shoes. It turned out to be the marine waste plastic production line. Just after the Spring Festival holiday, Changxing Qibin Glass Co., Ltd., located in Lijiaxiang Town, made preparations and began to put into intense production. Beside the No.1 production line, which was put into operation last year, the company's No.2 production line is under construction. After the completion of the production line, it will undertake the production of ultra-thin glass

chenyongbiao, manager of the general manager's office of the company, said that the process level of production line 2 is extremely high, and the light transmittance and other indicators of the products produced will be at the domestic leading level. These products will be mainly used in the production of TV and other electronic equipment and instrument screens. At present, the drift of this production line is 4 × Civil works are under way below 24 hours per yard. The ignition ceremony will be held in September this year. In October, it will contribute to the "cost reduction and efficiency increase" of the mine. It will be officially put into production. After all the production, it can produce 5million weight boxes of high-quality ultra-thin glass for the company every year. Aluminum processing enterprises have begun to develop from single 1 raw material suppliers to solution providers. At the same time, the company is also stepping up the construction of production line 3. After the production line is put into operation, it will mainly produce automotive glass products. At that time, the overall plan of "one kiln and three lines" of Qibin glass will be basically formed. Zhonghua glass () Department

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