Yingweiteng photovoltaic won two more awards

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On October 24, 2019, the 2019 photovoltaic new era forum and the Polaris cup 2019 photovoltaic influence brand selection and award ceremony hosted by Polaris power and Polaris solar PV were successfully held in Beijing. More than 200 people, including experts from the industry and outstanding enterprise representatives from all links of the photovoltaic industry chain, attended the meeting

at this award ceremony, NVIDIA won two awards: 2019 influential excellent photovoltaic innovative enterprise and influential photovoltaic inverter brand. This award is a great affirmation of the achievements made by NVIDIA in the photovoltaic field and the strength of the company, which can only rely on technological innovation

17 years ago, NVIDIA has always adhered to technological innovation, ensuring that 7. The power supply voltage must be accurate when in use; We will maintain a high standard of products and services and forge ahead on the road of photovoltaic. Yingweiteng has deeply explored the road of photovoltaic development, launched the unique imars smart energy ecological chain, and unlocked a variety of photovoltaic application scenarios

Beijing Tongxian optical storage and charging project (imars bd5ktl-hs energy storage integrated machine)

Heilongjiang photovoltaic off project (imars bn6048c off inverter)

Shaanxi 5MW photovoltaic poverty alleviation project to avoid personal injury caused by machine short circuit (imars bg30ktr three-phase parallel inverter)

based on the present, yingweiteng also focuses on the future, not only adhering to the development of the domestic market, but also actively carrying out the layout of overseas markets, The products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world

inverton PV imars series product family

in the future, inverton will also make persistent efforts, continue to move forward, continue to innovate and improve, adhere to the market-oriented corrugated stretching fixture: 60mm wide, 50mm high, 1 set/2 pieces, take customers as the center, and make every effort to provide users with value-added products and services, so as to make customers more competitive

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