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Jirun group successfully developed a new type of environmental friendly PE synthetic paper

a salary type of environmental friendly PE synthetic paper has been successfully developed and put into mass production in Jirun group in Dalian, Liaoning Province recently. The advent of this product not only fills a gap in China's packaging products, but also finds a reason to replace wood pulp paper. It is expected that the recent weak and stable operation of domestic mines has reached an ideal alternative product, which is of great environmental significance

p some companies also smell business opportunities. E synthetic paper, also known as polyolefin synthetic paper, is a product formed by coextrusion with polypropylene and polyethylene resin as the main raw materials, adding calcium carbonate and other additives. This product is a new type of packaging and printing raw material in line with environmental protection in the world at present. PE synthetic paper has not only the printing and writing performance of paper, but also the strength, toughness, waterproof, durability and tear strength of plastic. Experts pointed out that in the context of the current global implementation of circular economy and sustainable development, using plastic with rich resources and convenient recycling as raw materials to produce PE can achieve the accurate, fast and convenient yield point to obtain paper, which has more important social and economic benefits

the production of PE synthetic paper will not cause the destruction of forests caused by papermaking and the environmental pollution caused by papermaking wastewater. It is understood that synthetic paper can be produced in only a few countries in the world, such as Germany. At present, it has been popularized and applied in the field of paper substitution in some developed countries

gaojiliang, chairman of Dalian Jirun enterprise group, introduced that the company began to develop PE synthetic paper in 2008. Because Dalian Jirun has long experience in R & D and production of coextrusion film, the development of PE synthetic paper has great advantages. In the process of researching and developing synthetic paper, two major difficulties have been overcome. One is the innovation of equipment and the improvement of processing technology; The second is the choice of raw material formula

in terms of equipment innovation and process improvement, Dalian Jirun did not adopt the international synthetic paper calendering process, but boldly used multi-layer coextrusion film blowing equipment and process ingredients in line with coextrusion technology, and achieved success after many tests. In terms of raw materials, after many choices, the best ingredients of synthetic paper have been found out, so that the synthetic paper produced can achieve and surpass the performance of wood pulp paper in terms of strength, writing, whiteness and printability

according to insiders, PE synthetic paper has excellent writing, printability, strength and toughness, water resistance, durability and tear resistance. It is a high-end environmental friendly printing, packaging and decorative material. It is widely used in industrial raw material packaging, flower gift packaging, clothing handbags, self-adhesive labels, computer spray bottom paper, anti-counterfeiting packaging, postal bags, office paper that breaks the foreign monopoly, maps, film labels, building decoration wallpapers, advertising materials, books and periodicals, silk screen printing brushes, etc

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