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Zhao Xinchen, deputy general manager of Taibo Tianjin Glass Co., Ltd., won the title of "Jinghai craftsman"

Zhao Xinchen, deputy general manager of Taibo Tianjin Glass Co., Ltd., finally stood out after layers of selection and expert evaluation in the "star of innovation and Entrepreneurship of workers in the new era" and the "top ten craftsmans in Jinghai" selection activity held by the Federation of trade unions in Jinghai District, Tianjin, and won the honorary title of "star of innovation and Entrepreneurship of workers in the new era and top ten craftsmans in Jinghai". Earned honor for the company

over the past few years, vice president Zhao personally led the company's scientific and technological research team to successfully develop high-quality tempered three silver series products, which are the top Low-E products in China and have been mass produced. Such products not only have a broad market in China, but also the end products have been exported to foreign markets such as Africa and Australia. This product has won the "killer mace" product certificate of Tianjin and the financial support of Tianjin municipal government. The high-performance double silver steel plate developed by the team has also been exported to the Canadian market. At the same time, the team also developed a series of high-end products such as AR film, semi reflective and semi transparent, one-way perspective, etc

"If we can reduce the expansion coefficient of resin by adding graphene, vice president Zhao also participated in the preparation of the national standard for AR film in 2018, and was hired as a senior engineer by the Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

I wish vice president Zhao and his scientific research team to work hard to tackle key problems and achieve better results in the future, and make greater contributions to the Taiwan Glass Group and the glass industry!

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