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Zoomlion set a new Guinness world record for concrete pump truck

"a new world record belongs to Zoomlion!" A Guinness World Records certification officer made such an exclamation at the unveiling ceremony of Zoomlion's 80m pump truck. On the afternoon of September 28, Zoomlion incorporated the latest European technology of CIFA and independently developed an 80 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck, which successfully stood up in the demonstration area and performed on site. The Guinness World Records certification officer measured the height of the pump truck on site and announced the birth of a new world record. This not only marks that Zoomlion has firmly mastered the world's most cutting-edge concrete pump truck boom technology, but also marks that Zoomlion is at the forefront of the world's pump truck design and manufacturing field, once again leading the development of the world's concrete pump truck industry

it is understood that Zoomlion's 80m pump truck on the market this time has maintained many world records, such as the longest boom pump truck based on General Motors chassis and the longest carbon fiber boom pump truck. It is the longest boom pump truck in the world that has reached a working and marketable state

as we all know, the use performance determines the market prospect of products. The 80 meter pump truck launched by Zoomlion this time has greatly improved the usability of the product through technological innovation. The ambient temperature is lower than 30 ℃, which provides a guarantee for the stable and safe use of users. Based on the development of bionic 6-arm patented technology, the compact 7-arm folding technology is adopted, the length of the whole vehicle is 30% shorter than that of products of the same level, the turning radius is smaller, and the site adaptability is better; At the same time, through full working condition load simulation and calculation, the CIFA boom technology is fully applied, the load distribution is uniform, the boom center of gravity is 10% lower than that of similar products, and the whole vehicle is safe and stable; The patented technology of multi-stage telescopic legs not only ensures the span of outriggers, but also reduces the leg extension area by about 35%

it is commendable that the birth of this pump truck is entirely based on the patent owned by Zoomlion that the global zigzag stress will have varying degrees of impact on the experimental results - the crystallization of carbon fiber boom technology and the introduction of CIFA's world leading full set of technological processes. The traditional high-strength steel plate used for the boom of the pump truck has the problem of fatigue cracking of the boom, and its service life is limited. Especially, the weld quality of steel above 1100mp when welding cannot reach the strength of the boom material, and the welding quality of the boom is uncontrollable, the weld is easy to crack, and the boom life is short. Composite materials and light alloys are undoubtedly the future development direction of the super long boom pump truck. By improving the strength of the boom steel to improve the boom length, the weight and energy consumption of the whole vehicle have been greatly improved from a technical point of view, and there is no room. Zoomlion's carbon fiber boom technology can make the boom realize "no fatigue", and its service life is as long as 20 years, which is much longer than the service time of traditional high-strength steel plate

at present, the six axle General Motors chassis can only support the weight of the 70 meter boom pump truck made of traditional materials due to its limited load-bearing capacity. Even ignoring the unexpected damage to the automobile, especially those steel parts exposed outside the fuselage (including springs), the vehicle chassis has high requirements. The total weight of the boom made of traditional steel plates over 80 meters will exceed 90 tons, including roads The trafficability of the bridge and the bearing capacity of the ground will be greatly limited. The application of Zoomlion's carbon fiber technology has reduced the weight of the boom of the 805.4 sample with appropriate vaseline oil meter pump truck by 40%, and brought the bearing capacity of the six axle chassis to the extreme, which is equivalent to the weight of the traditional 70 meter pump truck boom, which is the embodiment of the technical advantages of the 80 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck

in today's industrial competition, whoever owns the core technology has the right to speak. This is true for a country, especially for an enterprise. Zoomlion has chosen a path of "industrialization of science and technology, industrialization of science and technology, and internationalization of enterprises". On this path, Zoomlion people have always been convinced that scientific and technological innovation is the soul that has always been focused on, and also the vitality of enterprises

it is worth mentioning that in the past three years, Zoomlion has not only effectively integrated the global resources of both sides and made deep integration in product research and development, process innovation, strategic procurement, market channels and other aspects, but also adhered to independent innovation, with particular emphasis on the original innovation of technology, integrated innovation and re innovation on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, In order to play the backbone role of scientific research institutions in promoting the scientific and technological progress of the industry, it has led the domestic industry to compete with international giants for many times

according to the relevant person in charge, Zoomlion will continue to innovate on the 80m carbon fiber boom pump truck platform and consolidate its leading position in technology in the near future. Over the past 20 years, Zoomlion has constantly climbed new world peaks with technology. Zoomlion has refreshed people's brand memory of Zoomlion technology again and again

Zoomlion's internationalization strategy also yielded fruitful results when it won the Guinness world record with innovative technology. On September 29, Fukushima kinhori company of Japan will sign an agreement with Zoomlion to purchase 30 pump trucks at one time. This not only means that Zoomlion has become the first batch export enterprise of China's concrete machinery enterprises to Japan, achieving a zero breakthrough in the field of China's concrete machinery entering the Japanese market, but also marks another historic step on the road of international development

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