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Xinxiang Chemical fiber launched a new product of functional viscose fiber

in the face of the recent downturn in downstream demand for viscose fiber and lack of market confidence, Xinxiang Chemical fiber and the research and development of environmentally friendly fertilizer synergists and the efficient use of land resources have become major issues in China's current social economy. When adjusting the product structure and creating a boutique strategy, Detailed introduction of servo hydraulic press it is continuously understood that new fiber varieties developed and reserved by the scientific researchers of the company's technical center for many years have been introduced, so as to broaden the product sales channels and meet the needs of the high-end market

white bamboo carbon fiber has been sought after by users in the market for its novel attitude in recent two years. This is another new fiber with market influence launched by Xinxiang Chemical fiber after bamboo carbon fiber. This fiber not only has the ability to absorb peculiar smell; It emits elegant fragrance; Anti bacteria and bacteriostasis; Emitting far infrared ray; Adjust the temperature and humidity of the small environment. Moreover, the appearance whiteness of white bamboo carbon fiber is similar to that of conventional viscose fiber. It can be dyed into different bright colors in the field of sports and leisure products through yarn or fabric. With this fiber, it can be made into fabrics and knitted clothing suitable for all seasons. It is an ideal raw material for home textile and decorative fabrics

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