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Yunnan development mining company has learned from the ten simple lithium product processing plants to maintain the order of mineral resources exploration and development

Yunnan development mining ten to maintain the order of mineral resources exploration and development

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from the press conference of the 11th plenary session of the ninth Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Yunnan provincial government has recently formulated the "provisions on Further Strengthening the management of mineral resources meals", It aims to maintain the order of mineral resources exploration and prevent the risk of integrity in the field of mineral resources development

according to Li Yifei, member of the Party group and Secretary General of the Yunnan provincial government, the provisions mainly contain ten articles, which focus on Further Strengthening the management of mining rights from the aspects of strictly standardizing administrative examination and approval and the management of mining rights transactions, strengthening intermediary service management, and cracking down on violations of laws and regulations

strictly control the planning of mineral resources. Optimize the layout of resource exploration and development, and control the problem of "many, small, scattered and disorderly" setting of mining rights from the source

strict transfer of mining rights. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of mineral resources. Except for clear regulations, the newly established exploration rights and mining rights must be sold publicly and compensably in the form of bidding, auction and listing. It is not allowed to customize the setting plan of mining rights and set the pre conditions for transfer, and resolutely avoid the artificial interference of examination and approval authorities and leading cadres in the allocation of mining rights

strictly regulate the trading behavior of mining rights. The transfer of mining rights by the competent department of land and resources and the transfer of mining rights by state-owned enterprises must be publicly traded, and strict provisions must be made on the transfer and transfer of mining rights to prevent the loss of state-owned assets

strictly manage the continuation and change of mining rights. In view of the principled problems in the examination and approval management of mining rights, such as the continuation of mining rights and the change of exploration and mining minerals, especially the problems that there are no clear provisions in the superior law and no approval basis for the management department in the management of the renewal of mining rights, clear Provisions have been made to prevent managers from using their discretion and seeking private interests by avoiding the blank area of policy provisions

strictly implement the collective decision-making and information disclosure system. Collective decision-making must be carried out on important matters involving the agreement transfer of mining rights, the change of minerals, the expansion of the scope of exploration and mining, the approval of the transfer plan, and clear and operational requirements for the disclosure of decision-making information are put forward to avoid administrative intervention and "covert operations" by a few people

strictly regulate intermediary services. The examination and approval department shall not set up intermediary services other than those stipulated by law, and shall not designate intermediary services in any form. Intermediary services must be selected in an open competition and carried out in accordance with the law and in good faith

strictly regulate the integration of mineral resources. Carry out the integration of mineral resources in a scientific and reasonable manner, in accordance with the law and regulations, prevent the integration, transformation and upgrading of mineral resources, seize the opportunity to seize resources, avoid paying the price of mineral resources, sell state-owned mining rights or geological exploration results at a low price, seek private interests and damage national rights and interests

strictly regulate the exploration and development of mineral resources. Mining right owner 5 Temperature accuracy: after the temperature is balanced, the error is within ± 0.3 ℃. Mineral resources exploration and mining activities shall be carried out in accordance with the law and regulations, and relevant obligations such as geological environment deposit system and land reclamation shall be fulfilled to realize equal emphasis on development and protection

strictly investigate and deal with illegal acts of mineral resources exploration and development. Strengthen the main body of illegal acts of mineral resources exploration and development by the local government, and strengthen the closed-loop control function of illegal activities such as private excavation and illegal mining, "mining instead of exploration" and "mining while exploration"; Conduct investigation and punishment, and maintain a good order of mineral exploration and development

strictly investigate. We will further strengthen the rectification and Smelting Corporation's illegal and illegal examination and approval of the transfer of mining rights, interference in the examination and approval of mining rights and intermediary services, interference with the legitimate production and economic activities of mining enterprises, and other illegal acts, strictly enforce discipline and accountability in the field of mineral resources development, and strengthen the discipline of governments at all levels and relevant departments in the field of mineral resources development and management

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