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On March 9, 2018, Deputy Minister Xin Guobin of the Ministry of industry and information technology led a team to Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone to carry out a special survey to understand the latest progress and achievements of Beijing in leading the construction of the national scientific and technological innovation center with intelligent manufacturing and building three cities and one District. In the afternoon of the same day, vice minister Xin Guobin and his delegation came to the Institute of integrated technology and economy of instruments and meters in the machinery industry (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) and visited the intelligent manufacturing comprehensive test platform of the Institute. Li Dong, director and Wang Ruihua, deputy director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Wang Gang, director and Mao Dongjun, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Liang Sheng, director and Sheng Licheng, deputy director of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, accompanied the investigation. Director Ouyang Jinsong and deputy director Wang linkun of the instrument synthesis Institute made accompanying reports and introductions

vice minister Xin Guobin and his delegation experienced three intelligent manufacturing modes including personalized customization, full life cycle and electronic product manufacturing. Director Ouyang introduced the urgent problems and key research and development contents of airborne equipment heat dissipation film, heat dissipation coating, heat conductive plastic made of graphene's excellent thermal conductivity in China's industry 2.0 and 3.0 embodied in the comprehensive test platform, and reported in detail the equipment/product intelligent ability, integration and interconnection, energy efficiency, safety and other evaluation and test capabilities of the comprehensive test platform, as well as the new generation of intelligent manufacturing technology in interconnection The development direction led by big data and artificial intelligence. The overall work of intelligent manufacturing, such as government decision support, standard research and verification, consultation and evaluation, research and development, technology promotion and training, carried out by the Institute based on the comprehensive test platform, as well as typical cases of successfully providing technology development services for high-end equipment, electronic manufacturing, equipment preheating and many household appliance, automotive, pharmaceutical, coal chemical and other industries enterprises in the electronic universal experimental machine

during the investigation, vice minister Xin Guobin and other leaders asked in detail about the realization technologies such as product design, process simulation, product quality traceability, production process informatization, lean manufacturing, safety integration, as well as the specific realization details of horizontal and vertical integration of manufacturing equipment and information system. As the leader of graphene industrialization, his team cooperates with Lutai holding group, It has built the first graphene high molecular composite research and development center in China, which can upgrade the existing products, increase the market price by 4 ⑴ 0 times, and put forward guiding opinions and requirements for the transformation and improvement of the comprehensive test platform of the Institute. Vice Minister Xin Guobin stressed that to develop intelligent manufacturing, we should pay attention to cultivating the supply capacity of intelligent manufacturing, increase R & D investment, and strengthen the comprehensive test and verification of key technical equipment, software and systems. Intelligent manufacturing equipment enterprises, industrial software enterprises, industrial control system enterprises and system integrators should face up to the current shortcomings, strengthen collaboration, form joint forces, and jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of intelligent manufacturing without policy restrictions for many low-cost small coal mines

Director Ouyang said that based on the current situation of domestic enterprises and the actual needs of improving quality and efficiency, the Institute will strengthen cooperation with intelligent manufacturing equipment, industrial software, industrial control systems and system integration enterprises to realize the exchange, improvement and upgrading of the core key equipment, software and solutions of intelligent manufacturing of the comprehensive test platform. We should deeply tap the functions of the platform, standardize services, and jointly promote the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization with other domestic service platforms to meet the needs of high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry

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