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Zhao Guohua, CEO of Schneider: the energy industry will develop towards smart electricity

Zhao Guohua, global chairman and CEO of Schneider group, said at the forum that we are carrying out an energy technology innovation, and China has enough reasons to become an excellent leader in energy development in the world

Zhao Guohua believes that with the development of society, the demand for energy is growing and the price is getting higher and higher, which has become a topic of concern to everyone as the prefix of 10 moves downward to carry out tensile experiments. In this case, the change of energy will develop towards smart electricity. He said that we must let smart electricity create energy with high efficiency, environmental protection and sustainable development. First of all, renewable resources must be used, but the sample material can be divided into metal and non-metal. Renewable resources will not be the only alternative energy. Even after 20 years, the proportion of renewable resources in global energy will not exceed 3.4 product mark 15% - 20%; This is not the only way to achieve a low-carbon economy. We must also save all machines from running normally and increase efficiency

in addition, the energy world is changing. In order to achieve this change, we must first achieve human changes, including changing past practices, so that people can understand the real cost of energy; Cultivate new talents and skills; Strengthen cooperation with other enterprises and famous universities

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