XCMG tower crane soared faster than China in the h

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Five days! XCMG tower crane flies faster than China

in the evening of January 19, 2018

more than 1500 railway people did not sleep.

it took less than 9 hours

Nan (Ping) San (Ming) long (Yan) railway

the reconstruction of Fujian Longyan station was completed

shocked the world

January 19, 2018

a year later

Egypt's new capital CBD project

the first large-scale tower crane made in China

XCMG xgt

in the sandstorm

from the pouring of the foundation to the completion of installation and commissioning

it took only 5 days to complete

3.2 sample fixture

China Construction Plan eight bureau speed

staged again in Cairo, Egypt

opened Egypt's new capital.Building a magnificent Prelude

rendering of the central business district project in the new capital of Egypt

as the largest project contract signed by Chinese enterprises in Egypt, the CBD of the new capital of Egypt will introduce the electronic control system of a high-frequency fatigue testing machine. Some projects belong to the "the Belt and Road" project, which also reduces the amount of smoke and fog treatment. They are known as one of the major projects that lead Egypt into a new era and compete with many modern cities in the world. After the completion of the project, Egypt will truly have a world-class high-end Central Business District, sit on the tallest building in Africa, drive the development of Egypt's Suez Canal Economic Belt and Red Sea economic belt, and promote the realization of Egypt's national revitalization plan. In November, 2018, a number of XCMG xgt tower cranes won the bid for the main section of the project building at one stroke with their excellent market performance

XCMG tower crane arrived at the construction site of bid section P5 of the central business district project in the new capital of Egypt at the first time

"the installation of tower crane abroad is different from that at home. Being in a foreign country and unfamiliar with the land, the requirements for the installation dimensional accuracy of tower crane are extremely strict, and a little deviation will delay the installation progress, causing customer complaints!"

-- Hu Nan, the service engineer of XCMG tower crane in Egypt

the whole installation process is closely fitted

the assembly process is efficient and fast

how does XCMG tower crane do it

next is the decryption moment

exquisite workmanship: XCMG has become the first international high-end aluminum alloy new material enterprise group with the advantages of the whole industrial chain of coal, electricity, aluminum and aluminum precision and deep processing in China. Tower crane has an industry-leading automatic production line, which can realize the automatic processing of main chord, and the joint control and automatic welding of key weld robot and positioner to ensure the consistent installation dimensional accuracy

humanized design: XCMG tower crane has efficient and fast installation and disassembly design, boom quick assembly joint, direct connection of upper assembly, integral hoisting of cab platform and other modular design of the whole machine. The installation is faster and labor-saving, and the installation and disassembly efficiency is increased by 20%-30%

sincere service: during this installation, XCMG tower crane service engineers stayed up for two days and nights, closely cooperated with the overseas project personnel of China Construction Eighth bureau with superb skills and sincere service, braved the wind and sun in the desert, strictly controlled the details of the installation for 24 hours, and joined hands with the overseas project Department of China Construction Eighth bureau to contribute a Chinese speed that took only 5 days from foundation pouring to installation completion

boom quick fitting

overall hoisting of cab platform

"thank XCMG tower crane for its support day and night for a week. Combat effectiveness is the best marketing means. You are more wonderful along the way, and look forward to better service in the later period!"

-- since China put forward the "the Belt and Road" initiative, adhering to the principles of joint consultation, sharing and joint construction, the huge investment demand for infrastructure projects in countries along the "the Belt and Road" has created a rare opportunity for China's equipment and international production capacity cooperation to become connected with the world and for construction machinery enterprises to sail out to sea quickly. XCMG tower crane continues to deeply cultivate countries along the "the Belt and Road", unswervingly adhere to the internationalization strategy of XCMG group, and constantly create high-quality tower cranes with "leading technology and indestructible use", so as to wholeheartedly help customers succeed

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