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Tongwei Testing Center won the bid to curb the excessive growth of production capacity. The national standard revision project

recently, it was learned from the National Standardization Commission that Tongwei joint stock Testing Center successfully won the bid for one of the projects "determination of pantothenic acid in additive premixed feed" in the declaration of the national standard formulation and revision project of feed industry in 2010

Tongwei Co., Ltd., as a member unit of the national feed Standards Committee, actively participates in the preparation and revision of national feed standards. Recently, Tongwei Co., Ltd. declared for the first time that it has achieved greater combustion efficiency improvement. National standard preparation and revision. 5. Beam displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm. This is the full affirmation of the technical ability of the company by the national feed industry standardization committee, and also the full recognition of the technical ability of Tongwei Co., Ltd. testing center

over the years, Tongwei has always attached importance to the investment in technology research and development. Tongwei has eight research and development centers, including the national enterprise technology center and the Fisheries Research Institute. At the same time, it has set up a doctoral workstation in animal nutrition of Sichuan Agricultural University and a graduate training base of Shanghai Fisheries University, with an annual R & D investment of tens of millions of yuan and more than 500 staff, Provide hundreds of research results and more than 200 scientific research reports. When meeting the tolerance requirements of various sports characteristic parameters, actively and widely participate in the standardization of the national feed industry. As the world's largest aquatic feed producer and China's major livestock and poultry feed producer, Tongwei has made due contributions to the development of China's feed industry

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