Yantai Wanhua isocyanate enters the peak season

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Yantai Wanhua isocyanate enters the peak season

world class isocyanate (MDI) leader: the company currently occupies 36% of the domestic MDI market, with a total of two sets of MDI devices in Yantai and Ningbo, with a total capacity of 500000 tons/year. It is estimated that the MDI capacity of Jixi transformation company, which is supported by the company, will reach 780000 tons/year after the completion of the technical transformation and production expansion of "24-30" in the second phase of Ningbo plant in 2010, and will become the largest MDI manufacturer in Asia and the fifth MDI supplier in the world. At that time, Ningbo MDI production base will become the MDI production base with the largest scale, the highest degree of integration and extremely low-cost competitiveness in the world. With the promulgation and implementation of the national energy conservation law, the application of aggregated MDI in building insulation will be guaranteed from the policy level. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the demand for MDI is expected to increase by 192000 tons/year

independent innovation + Internationalization: the company is committed to PC (polycarbonate) and HDI by using its unique technology MDI phosgenation technology. Formula (7) can also be simplified as: technology research and development. The company is also the first MDI manufacturer in the world to realize the recycling of MDI waste brine, and has applied for national patent protection. In 2006, the company was selected into the first batch of innovative pilot enterprises released by the Ministry of science and technology and won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in two stages in the 2007 national competition

energy saving building materials: the company has cooperated with the Ministry of construction, textile, papermaking and other high water consumption industries to prepare technical guidelines for polyurethane wall insulation, and put forward a plan to comprehensively promote building energy conservation. The company successfully developed low-cost modified MDI adhesive technology, which laid the foundation for low-cost, large-scale and industrialized production of straw board

Guotai Junan believes that NPU will start to overhaul the old 200000 ton device for 40 days in early May, and other MDI suppliers will also overhaul in succession, which will reduce the market supply, and there are still certain price increases in the peak season of MDI. It is expected that the 300000 ton MDI project of Ningbo phase II will be put into operation in the middle of this year, and will be in the trial run period in the third quarter. The load will gradually increase in the fourth quarter and enter the normal production period. It is expected to contribute about 100000 tons of output in this year and 250000 tons in 2011

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