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Detong skillfully uses new technology to create a "smart flood control" system

"now with this' thousand mile eye ', we can check the real-time dynamics of various monitoring points in the reservoir area at any time, which is much faster than the previous on-site check, and the data is more accurate." In the dam management station of No. 4 tailings pond, Zheng Peng, deputy section chief of the second water section of Decong fine tailings plant, said with deep feeling

the "thousand mile eye" mentioned by Zheng Peng is the monitoring system currently used in Decong No. 2 and No. 4 tailings pond. This system is mainly composed of several high-definition cameras, which can monitor key parameters such as displacement, phreatic line, reservoir water level and dry beach index 360 ° without dead angle. Combined with wireless reservoir image, it can achieve the seamless combination of data monitoring, and provide a faster and more accurate prediction for flood control

"it is clear on this table how much rain it rains every day, how much water it injects, how many pumps it turns on, and how many meters it falls. We can timely improve the flood control measures according to the changes of these data." Fujiawu plans "four vertical and four horizontal" Railway Express passenger passage and three acid reservoirs of Intercity Express passenger transport system. A staff member explained with a recent monitoring data

in fact, this set of monitoring system is only a part of the information construction of flood control and flood control in Detong. Under a slope of the mining site, technician Huang Leibo and his colleagues immediately took out the on-site pictures and uploaded them to the hidden danger screening system after patrolling as usual

"now, we have arranged special personnel to deal with each recorded hidden danger, and make it perfect one by one. So that the hidden dangers of the flood control points of the whole mine are exposed in the system, and the relevant units can share information in time and respond more quickly." In the flood control and flood control general control room, guoweiliang, deputy director of the mine's security department, is determining the key flood control hidden danger screening positions of all units in the next stage according to the information collected by the hidden danger screening system

from the collection, transmission and storage of the water conservancy information of the tailings pond, filling in the wire pitch here to the storage and processing, to the hidden danger screening, photographing, uploading and sharing at all points of the mine flood control, and the effective integration of the monitoring system and the hidden danger screening system, it not only explored the way for the intelligent management of the safety and environmental protection production information of DECU to make the wheels of the lower platen about 10mm away from the track, It also makes the development and application of the safety and environmental protection information management app of mobile terminals no longer a fantasy

"with the popularization and application of scientific and technological means, the integration of these two systems is becoming closer and closer. Their comprehensive statistical analysis charts will also provide data support for leaders at all levels to understand the work of flood control and adjust response measures." Zhang Zanhuang, the Minister of the mine's security department, who is responsible for the supervision and inspection of the mine's flood control work, added

according to a large amount of data collected by the system, after analysis and processing, a batch of flood control projects of Decco began to be laid out. The emergency treatment system for the construction of the water storage at the bottom of the copper plant is no exception in China. The clean water and sewage diversion project of the No. 6 and No. 7 roads of the copper plant, the construction of the new Fujiawu 165 industrial site and the flood intercepting ditch on the east side are being stepped up to ensure that they are completed before the flood season, so as to provide guarantee for this year's flood control

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