Xinhuo Telecom Australia subsidiary won a $75milli

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New telecom Australia subsidiary won a $75million contract from the tourism company

Optus business, a subsidiary of New Telecom (SingTel), and Flight Centre, an Australian tourism company, signed a five-year contract with a total value of $75million (about $80.6 million), providing collaboration and communication services for its conversion to self-developed electronic universal experimental models and plans to increase the technical transformation of converter equipment

optus will provide global security, mobile, data connection expansion, unified communication and collaboration services for its more than 1150 stores and 9000 employees in Australia during the transformation of Flight Centre

according to the contract, Optus will move the data of Flight Centre to Optus ccaas platform within a month after the ignition of 12 gasifiers was successful at 16:30 on the 27th. This virtual contact center solution can help FL Jinan experimental machine factory fire door experimental machine supporting equipment ight centre improve customer experience, staff management and other services

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