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The work exchange meeting of the national textile industry association was held in Lanxi recently, the National Textile Industry Association held a work exchange meeting in Lanxi to discuss the construction of the public service platform of the national textile industry cluster. The "Zhejiang cotton textile quality testing center" of Lanxi quality and technology supervision and testing center has become one of the first 26 "public service demonstration platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises in the textile industry" in China

in the first four months of this year, the production and marketing, investment, domestic sales and benefits of the national textile industry grew well, especially the profit margin reached 5.14%, an increase of 0.7 percentage points over the same period last year, the highest level in history. However, affected by the complex situation at home and abroad, the cost pressure gradually increased in the second half of the year, the capital was further tightened, the energy supply was increasingly intensified, and the expansion of exports was facing severe challenges. The transformation and upgrading of the whole industry and the construction of public service platforms were particularly urgent

Zhang Li, vice president of the National Textile Industry Association, made an analysis of the development situation of the textile industry at home and abroad; Yangjichao, Secretary General of the textile industry association, introduced the construction of public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, and some provincial and municipal representatives exchanged their experience in the construction of public platforms in industrial cluster areas

brand awareness was further expanded. Lanxi municipal government introduced the construction of the city's textile industry and public service platform at the meeting. After years of development, Lanxi has become the leading industry of China's textile market monitoring and automatic calculation Zui force, upper and lower compliance strength, lag ring method, gradual approach method, non proportional extension strength. The General Administration also relies on temperature, biology, medicine, ionizing radiation, clinical medicine and other national professional metrology technical committees. The textile industry has become one of the leading industries in the city. At the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, the city's textile industry will strive for a total output value of more than 30billion yuan, a tax revenue of 1billion yuan, a foreign trade export of 1billion dollars, and more than 300 enterprises above designated size

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