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As an important resource for the sustainable development of the iron and steel industry, especially as an important and indispensable raw material for electric furnace steelmaking, the global consumption of scrap has increased year by year in recent years. According to the data of the International Bureau of recycling, the consumption of scrap steel in key countries and regions in the world will reach about 491million tons in 2019, of which China's consumption of pig iron, crude steel Recycled steel raw materials and other products "1 once we add graphene to the resin, we will implement a zero import provisional tax rate; at the same time, we will increase the provisional export tax rate of ferrosilicon, ferrochromium, high-purity pig iron and other products to 25%, 20% and 15% of the researchers at East Peking University in the United States. On May 8, the China Federation of logistics and purchasing analyzed that China has adjusted the import and export tax rate of steel, reduced the import cost of steel and recycled steel raw materials, and expanded the import of steel resources, which can In order to meet the domestic steel consumption demand, it can also reduce the crude steel output of domestic enterprises. At that time, China's domestic demand for iron ore may be greatly reduced

according to China industry news, in April, the PMI procurement volume index of China's iron and steel industry was 46.1%, down 5.0 percentage points month on month, indicating that with the sharp rise in raw material prices, raw material procurement activities of steel mills have begun to shrink significantly

the terminal demand in the steel market is recovering well

according to the statistics of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the average daily crude steel output of China's key steel enterprises in the middle and late April was 2.3242 million tons and 2.3998 million tons respectively, hitting a new record in a row, with a month on month growth of 2.21% and 3.25% respectively, and a year-on-year growth of 19.10% and 19.27% respectively

in April, China's iron and steel supply stopped falling and rebounded, an increase of 2.3% compared with March, indicating that with the sharp rise in steel prices, the profit margin of commodity production increased significantly, and steel mills' enthusiasm for production rose, especially the rapid rise in the output of electric furnace steel, and the market supply began to increase. In April, China's steel sales increased by 7.1% compared with March, 2.4% faster than March, and the index rose to the highest level since May 2020, indicating that the terminal demand in the steel market has recovered well

from the perspective of market conditions, the project commencement rate in various parts of China rose in April, among which the demand in the northern market was released significantly, and the additional length of construction in some areas (such as xiong'an) reached 40 feet, which greatly increased, and the inventory resources were digested rapidly. According to the survey of Shanghai Zhuo steel chain, at present, China's domestic terminal demand recovers well, and the performance of the northern market is eye-catching. From the monitored data of terminal thread screw procurement in Shanghai stock market, the average daily terminal procurement volume in April increased by 37.45% month on month, indicating that the trading volume continued to rise

the national demand intensity will slow down.

in April, China's iron ore sales increased by 2.1% compared with March, and the growth rate increased by 1.2 percentage points compared with March. This shows that with the sharp rise in steel prices, steel mills are more active in production, and the demand for raw materials has increased. From the market situation, with the soaring price of iron ore, China has released the strongest signal to curb the price of iron ore. However, with the continuous rise of steel prices, the fear of heights in the market appears, and the terminal demand in some regions may slow down since late April. In April 2021, the PMI new order index of the steel industry was 44.4%, down 2.7 percentage points month on month

after May, with the gradual weakening of the demand side, the rising prices of raw materials and the high pressure of environmental protection policies, the release of China's steel production capacity will be restrained. At the same time, the formal implementation of China's import tariff adjustment policy for iron and steel products will help to reduce the import cost of primary iron and steel products and create favorable conditions for the later reduction of domestic crude steel production. The supply side of the steel market will shrink to a certain extent in May

in fact, the effect of centralized construction in various parts of China weakened in May. In addition, the fear of heights in downstream industries increased due to the rising steel price in May, which had a certain impact on the demand of steel traders. E. continue to increase the number of experimental fixtures and prepare goods at terminals. It is expected that the national demand intensity will slow down. (mengfanjun)

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